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Classical Piano & Vocal Classes




​Filipino Bible Baptist Seminary provide thorough Classical Piano Lessons to female students 

to train them to becaome Church Pianist. They learn how to play 4 notes for Sorprano, Alto 

Tenor and Bass. After 1 years lessons, they can accompany congregational Hymnals.

Sis Jo, short-term music Missionary from FBBCKorea build basics of piano playing with every

female students. Following Bayer Book 1,2,3,4 and Czerny Book 100, Hanon and Sonatinen.




 The seminary students will also learn how to make blending 4 parts of Sorprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass

also how to read notes of each part and sing.


Proper breathing using Diaphragm, vocing through Cavities and making better Resonance.

Helping each student to find best voicing posture, using face musles and mouth Cavities

 Praticing how to hold breath and release air through vocal chord to make desired pitch

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Classical Piano and Vocal Classes 목록
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