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Church Ministry







In this team ministry, everybody is included. Once a person is spiritually born again, he or she must be a soul-winner. God has called us all to share what God has done for us through His Son Jesus. The main aim of this team ministry is to lead the sinners to Jesus and to Salvation, and to instruct a man that he may know the truth of God. The Soul-Winning Team is here to fulfill the Great Commission of God (Mathew 28: 19-20).

Schedule for Soul-Winning and Tract Distribution:

·         Every Sunday after Lunch Fellowship

·         From 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at Hyewha Dong




Singing is one of the most important part in the Worship Service because praising God through singing is higher honoring form of worshipping God. To be a choir member, it is not necessary that you should have a good voice, but you should be a baptized member of FBBC and you are willing to give your time, talent and most especially your heart to the Lord in singing. (Ephesians 5: 19; Colossians 3: 16).

Schedule of Practice and Soul-Winning:

·         Every Sunday at 2pm practice the song for the next Sunday

·         Soul-Winning after the Church Activities Every last Sunday of the month, choir members will go to Hyewha for Soul-Winning




Ushers are the front liners of the church. Thus, as front liners they must be presentable enough to face the visitors and most especially the Lord. They must be in formal attire, having their hair well cut, wearing well ironed long sleeves with necktie or short sleeve (polo) and slacks, and well shined shoes. They are the one assisting the visitors, taking them in their seats and helping them in reading and finding the chapters and verses in the Bible. They are also the one arranging the chairs, hymnals and Bibles before the Worship Service starts. They also assist in the two ordinances of the church. (1 Corinthians 4:2)





Kitchen team is responsible for the food to be served after the Worship Service. As the pastor is responsible for the spiritual food, the kitchen team is responsible for the physical food. Every Saturday they are going to the market to buy the necessary ingredients for our physical food. And in the afternoon they will prepare for the Saturday dinner before the Prayer Meeting starts. The kitchen team are happily serving the Lord through this ministry because they know that their labour is not in vain to the Lord (1 Corinthians 15: 58; Colossians 3: 23).


·         Saturday              1:00pm

·         Sunday                  7:00am


  • 교회명: Filipino Bible Baptist Church
  • 대표자명: 이상우
  • 개인정보책임자: 이상우
  • TEL: 02-3409-4106
  • FAX: 02-3409-2221
  • E-MAIL:
  • 주소: 서울 광진구 군자동 349-1